At SP Group we take care of every last detail to ensure our packaging is optimum quality and you can surprise the market with packaging that guarantees the very best consumer experience. As part of this process, we subject our existing products to new trials and tests in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

Using such tests, we detected several areas for improvement in the formula of RCLOSING, a resealable double-complex flexible laminate.

RCLOSING PLUS boasts a structure that provides the perfect resealable combination: enough rigidity to ensure the lid falls and closes, but the flexibility required for it to open smoothly. This way we are able to ensure the packaging can be opened and resealed many times — so many, in fact, that after being opened and closed 30 times RCLOSING PLUS has still not lost its efficiency.

The graph shows the comparison between the new RCLOSING PLUS, the previous RCLOSING and a resealable laminate from a competitor. The improvement of RCLOSING PLUS is clearly visible.

All the products in this study were created under the same conditions.