SP GROUP works hard on development and innovation to find solutions to all your needs. The fruit of this is our new launch of HOT FILLED APET. This is a new material that allows packaging to be filled hot. It can sustainably withstand temperatures of up to 100°C, without the packaging becoming deformed or the product losing any of its properties. The material has been developed as part of the AVANZA-S project (IDI-20150604). This project is subsidised by Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI – Industrial Technology Development Centre) through the CIEN Strategic Programme of National Business Research Consortia, co-funded by ERDF.

Some of you have products that need to be hot filled for one of two reasons. Either that they need to be packaged in a liquid state at high temperatures, as they solidify when they cool, making it difficult to package them correctly, or they need to go through a prior pasteurisation process. The challenge faced when packaging this type of product is that it requires packaging that can withstand high fill-temperatures, without the packaging becoming deformed or breaking, or the product spilling. The new HOT FILLED APET is the solution.

Part of the family of rigid coextrusions, its composition has enabled us to increase its fill-heat resistance from the 70°C of the standard APET to 90-100°C. This way we are able to ensure that the packaging does not lose its shape and maintains a high degree of transparency, which makes it the ideal packaging for products such as sauces, jams and desserts, including jelly, crème caramel, custard or any other food that requires a hot-fill process.

In keeping with our commitment to respecting the environment, we should also point out that this new material is eco-friendly, as it replaces other materials such as POLYSTYRENE, POLYPROPYLENE and other PVDC structures that are difficult to recycle. HOT FILLED APET is a sustainable solution that is part of our TRAY2TRAY circular economy project, created with the aim of effectively managing surplus material so that trays become trays again, promoting the reuse of material and respect for the environment.

Do you have a product that needs pasteurising and requires tough packaging? Contact your area representative to find out more or ask for a sample.