GOLDENFOOD. The design and development of nutritionally balanced, attractive and easy-to-manage food products for the elderly.

Consortium of companies: Bordas Chinchurreta, La Aurora, Grupo Sada, Fepamic and SP GROUP. IDI-20151270.

The main objective of this project is the design and development of attractive, nutritionally balanced and easy-to-manage food products for the elderly.

After extensive research into existing products designed for the elderly, we decided there were many things we could potentially do as regards technology, competition and target market. SP GROUP’s research and development activities are focused on improving the opening of peelable packaging, incorporating aromas that that present new experiences for this sector, designing systems that allow us to cook food safely in the packaging itself, and manufacturing other devices related to the enjoyment of new food products that arise within the consortium.

More generally, we are also seeking to improve the design of the packaging and help plan a healthier, more balanced diet through the analysis of nutritional needs, ease-of-use of the packaging and the consumption habits of this target market.

Bearing in mind that in 2020 around 30% of the population of the 27 countries in Europe will be over 65 years old, this project aims to provide better-quality food products for this very important sector of the population.


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