Have you wondered how you can ensure your trays stand out more?

A good combination of materials, personalisation and design can help ensure your tray stands out from the rest.  There are many possibilities, but we want to focus on one in particular.

We propose the perfect material combination that appeals to both sight and touch. It consists of our rigid material, combined with a design that simulates kraft paper with laid lines. Most importantly of all, however, is a personalisation you can feel – PAPER TOUCH – that gives you the characteristic feel of paper, somewhere between rough and smooth.

The result?

A tray that looks like it is made of paper. This is a good choice for products that cannot use paper in their packaging due to their characteristics. You can also take it a step further and use the same combination in the top film with a flexible material. This ensures a very innovative final packaging, with an appearance that matches current trends and that will stand out from the rest of the products on the shelf.

If you are interested, or you have any other new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact your area representative.