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In this ‘expert opinion’ piece, we are going to look at the key points to bear in mind when requesting a quote. These details will give our sales department all the information it needs to prepare your quote as quickly and accurately as possible.

What do we need to know?

Name of product: as a reference for the quote.

Amount: we need to know which item you want and how much you need.

Material and thickness: If you don’t know the name of the material, you can attach the technical specifications. Also, if you provide us with some information about the product, we will be able to advise you on more sustainable options to help you meet the sustainability targets set by the European Commission.

Measurements: If you need the plastic on spools, you will need to indicate the width and  design size in mm (distance between spots). If the format is pre-formed pouches, you will need to indicate the outside measurement of the opening and the length of the pouch in mm, as well as the width of the weld (which may be the standard 8 mm).

Printing technique: As well as mentioning which of SP Group’s four printing techniques you are interested in, it will be very helpful if you can send an initial image – even if it is not the definitive design – as this will give us an idea of the amount of ink needed and help us prepare the quote.

No. of inks: If you are unsure how many inks your design needs, your graphic designer will be able to tell you. If you cannot get this information, our pre-printing department will be able to help if you send us your design.

Other processes: In this section you should include information about any other special processes that need to be considered for the quote, such as perforations, laser cutting, special lacquers, etc. Please give details of any processes you include in this section. For example, for perforations, you will need to specify diameter, distances, etc. If you need a lacquer, specify the type and whether you want full cover, or registered printing (leaving parts uncovered); for pre-formed pouches, let us know whether you want Doypack format, a zipper closure, etc.

This information will allow us to provide a price for your requested unit, as well as for the printing plates or cylinders, where applicable.

If you do not know know all these details, you can send us a sample of the packaging to our offices or through your sales representative, and we will analyse it to find out what we need to know. However, we will need more time to prepare the quote in such cases.

I hope you have found this information useful and that it will be helpful when you request your next quote.


At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
If you would like to know how your company can benefit from our services, send us your details and one of our sales advisors will contact you. Or, if you prefer, consult the contact details of your area representative.


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