With just a few weeks of 2022 left, it’s time to take stock, analyse how our company has evolved and establish our goals for next year. 

2022 has certainly not been a typical year. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to a shortage of raw materials, and an increase in energy and fuel prices.

Nevertheless, at SP Group we have continued to work hard to meet our goals. We have demonstrated our flexibility, work ethic and ability to adapt to circumstances, just as we did in 2020.

This would have been impossible without the excellent teamwork of SP Group, but also without the trust you place in us. Your continued support motivates us to keep growing, providing solutions that meet new guidelines, and developing the most sustainable products possible.

‘In 2023, we want our company to keep growing at the same rate it has in recent years. We will continue our expansion into new international markets but, above all, we will maintain our philosophy of a family company, where we all work together as a team and share the same values.’ Francisco Bernal, CEO SP Group.