The BIO FVSOL and BIO FVSOL MATT materials are 100%-biodegradable, compostable, bio-based laminates in our SOL range. They are high-barrier films that condense maximum quality and protection in minimum thickness, and they now have the added advantage of accepting digital printing, thanks to HP certifying its inks as compostable in line with European standard EN 13432.

One of the main advantages of digital printing is that it is specially designed for short runs. It is the perfect option for introducing a new product into the market as it means changes can be made quickly and easily, with a lower model cost. As you no doubt are aware, such changes are commonplace when launching a new product. It is also important to highlight the possibility of personalising individual designs, which makes it a unique marketing tool.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in biodegradable packaging that affords all the advantages of digital printing.