Let us tell you the story of Drosed, one of the largest poultry industry producers in Poland which has used digital printing to cut costs and eliminate the preparation time of the stereotypes or cylinders, as these are not needed.

Drosed has developed a new range of chicken wings seasoned with different spices. The wings are roasted as part of the production process, which has a clear effect on the final flavour.

What solution did we provide?

We focussed on providing a suitable solution with a fantastic design. The result was spools for the creation of pillow bags, formed in a vertical form fill machine. This packaging is a response to current usability and lifestyle trends. The chosen material is microwaveable, which provides a very practical solution for on-the-go food. You can eat the product directly from the packet, thanks to its cube form. A fast and different way to consume their products.

What role did digital printing play in this challenge?

As this is a new range, Drosed wanted to check it would be accepted by their target market. They decided on digital printing, as it is specially designed for short runs. It was the perfect option for introducing a new product into the market as it meant changes could be made quickly and easily, with a lower model cost. As you no doubt are aware, this is commonplace when launching a new product. Digital printing also allows you to save by combining several models in a single run.

Once the new range of products had been tested and the market analysis of the best-accepted flavours had been performed, Drosed decided to change to another of our printing techniques – rotogravure, flexography– in order to be able to adapt to the length of runs needed from that time onwards.

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