‘Consumers look for functional, differentiated, sustainable packaging’

A recent study1 of FMCG packaging solutions found that ‘Consumers look for functional, differentiated, sustainable packaging’ – and it is certainly true that when it comes to differentiation, there is an ever-increasing variety of packaging options available.

Thanks to new printing techniques, and the very latest materials, manufacturers like yourselves are using packaging as a tool to ensure their products stand out visually from their competitors in the place where most decisions are made, the point of sale itself. This is why it is so important to focus our attention on this area, using as much creativity and ingenuity as possible, and establishing a powerful brand strategy with which to seduce your potential customers.

SP GROUP is wholeheartedly behind this type of personalisation, offering a wide range of products and services, and constantly adding new materials and finishes that provide added value and satisfy the demands of new consumers.

With this in mind, we have recently introduced our latest innovation, SOFT2TOUCH, designed to maximise the visual appeal of the packaging, while providing a greater softness to the touch. This product forms part of SP GROUP’s range of sensory solutions.


–  SOFT2TOUCH is soft to the touch, with a very similar feel to paper. It is water resistant and greaseproof.

–  This new material can be used in complexes with any other material, in preformed pouches and on spools. As a bonus, it provides differentiation for the packaging.

–  It is currently used with the digital printing technique.

  SOFT2TOUCH has high resistance to friction and good lamination strength.

  SOFT2TOUCH is suitable for any product. The properties required to maintain the optimum conditions for the product depend on the materials it is used in a complex with.

– Combines SOF2TOUCH with HP Mosaic to revolutionise the shelves.

With this new launch, we are again demonstrating our interest in design innovation, personalisation and differentiation. We are currently working on the launch of new products with this new finish.

1 Kantar Worldpanel ‘FMCG packaging trends in in 2017’


At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
If you would like to know how your company can benefit from our services, send us your details and one of our sales advisors will contact you. Or, if you prefer, consult the contact details of your area representative.


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