Packaging’s role as a communication tool and the influence it has on consumer purchasing decisions means that it has developed into an integral element of all marketing strategies.

Figures show that a considerable number of consumers (around 63%) make repeat purchases based on how products are packaged. Almost 72% of consumers affirm that packaging influences their purchasing decisions, not to mention the significant number of impulse purchases that are made at points of sale. It is the reason why packaging design is so important. The quality, materials, colours and format of packaging solutions all catch consumers’ eyes and affect how interested they are in the product, over and above whether they actually need to make that purchase. All of this needs to be taken into careful consideration by companies seeking to engage with their target public.


  • Consumers rate customisation highly and are prepared to pay extra for customised products.
  • Companies can use customisation to make their products stand out from the competition. It is a key factor in the purchase decision-making process because, when consumers are faced with a choice of products with similar characteristics, packaging design can tip the balance in favour of one or the other.
  • Customisation also stimulates consumer fidelity because it is a way of bonding with consumers and increasing brand engagement.
  • Satisfied customers make recommendations and become products’ best salespeople. Recommendations of this kind are coveted by all brands and they are the reason why delivering unique experiences through customised packaging is essential.
  • Customisation becomes a key selling point at certain times of the year and on special occasions, in addition to during special offers, launches of limited editions and for a wide range of events.

It’s always a good time to customise your product!

Digital printing is a key element of packaging creation and has an important role to play when it comes to customisation. Digital printing ranks highly in comparison with other types of printing and has revolutionised the world of packaging because it is versatile and can be used to deliver customised and even personalised results. We will bring you more on this shortly, so stay tuned!