Consortium of companies: ABELLÓ LINDE, CITAGRO, PROCOSUR, AVTS, BASTILA 2009 and SP GROUP.

In 2012, this strategic project was approved as part of the first part of the INTERCONNECTA programme. Based in south Andalusia, the project aimed to boost the economic and commercial future of the seafood sector on an international level. During the project, SP GROUP held trials of different active compounds and developed new films for extrusion.

After performing the principal antioxidant, antibacterial, oxygen-absorber and ultraviolet filter tests, in 2013 considerable improvements in the shelf life of tuna were observed with the incorporation of light filters into the vacuum packaging. The line of ultraviolet-radiation barrier film was further developed to optimise transparency and incorporate an effective anti-fog agent.

SP GROUP has developed a range of UV-Visible filters that, when incorporated into the films, protect light-sensitive products, such as those with a high fat, vitamin, colour content, etc.


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