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SP Group developed a hard-wearing resealable lid to better preserve packaged food once open. Many foods such as sliced cheeses and sliced meats have benefitted from this lid development. In recent years, SP GROUP has improved the properties and we have launched our product with the name R-CLOSING. This solution has been well received, particularly […]

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SP Group developed a new high-barrier multilayer film via blown extrusion in seven layers. This film, called SOL, offers maximum performance with minimum thickness, and high-barrier properties without the incorporation of any chlorine compounds. The standard film has been improved and is available in a wide range of options: anti-fog, peelable, white, pasteurisable… and adapted […]

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Antioxidant packaging is a powerful medium for preserving oily perishable food products to help increase their shelf life. These compounds are released onto the food in a controlled manner and can prevent oxidative degradation and rancidity. Tocopherol was incorporated into the films and it was shown to partially block the appearance of free radicals, which […]

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In this project, SP GROUP tackled the issue of active plastic in a consortium of seven companies that worked together for three years. The project was set up with the objective of lessening and/or controlling deterioration in packaged fresh foods, thereby increasing their commercial shelf life and ensuring their quality and safety. Active packaging is […]

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SP GROUP has managed to develop microwavable packaging that is apt for home-toasting several types of seeds and nuts (with and without hulls). The fresh packaged product has a longer shelf life (longer expiry date) than the toasted product, which meant this project had great potential. The process required materials that were more resistant to […]

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The food-packaging market has clearly evolved towards reducing the thickness of packaging, eliminating chlorine compounds and lessening environmental impact. The development of new biodegradable materials requires quick supply at competitive prices, so SP GROUP worked on finding an alternative to mono-material packaging. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or polyester) is a versatile thermoplastic polymer that can be […]

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Consortium of companies: ABELLÓ LINDE, CITAGRO, PROCOSUR, AVTS, BASTILA 2009 and SP GROUP. In 2012, this strategic project was approved as part of the first part of the INTERCONNECTA programme. Based in south Andalusia, the project aimed to boost the economic and commercial future of the seafood sector on an international level. During the project, […]

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Consortium of companies: OLIVAR DE SEGURA, ABELLO LINDE, ESTEROS DE CANELA, MIGUEL GARCÍA SÁNCHEZ E HIJOS and SP GROUP. In the field of active plastic development, the origin and nature of the antioxidant and antimicrobial ingredients are important, as there is currently an increasing trend towards the use of natural compounds, such as microbiological derivatives, […]

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This project developed an innovative range of products based on long-lasting cut fruit, as well as the technology necessary for its production and commercialisation in the refrigerated dsiplays of different supply channels (HORECA, vending machines and retail), aiming to promote consumption of this type of product among different groups of the population (children, pensioners, etc.). […]

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GOLDENFOOD. The design and development of nutritionally balanced, attractive and easy-to-manage food products for the elderly.

Consortium of companies: Bordas Chinchurreta, La Aurora, Grupo Sada, Fepamic and SP GROUP. IDI-20151270.

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