Top materials for lidded plastic containers

August 2, 2021

Lidded plastic containers are a huge hit among consumers for their excellent food preservation properties, sealing in freshness, while offering a greener, more sustainable option since they can be reused.  The 3Rs – reuse, reduce and recycle – are the cornerstones of sustainable development and circular economy models.

We have pushed our environmental commitment further incorporating this principle into our practices so that we can offer consumers practical, reusable lidded plastic containers in bespoke designs.


  1. Food safety and hygiene: Lidded plastic containers prevent germ formation during manufacturing and distribution processes, and avoid food and medicine contamination. Highly transparent plastics also allow consumers to see what they are purchasing without having to touch or open the packaging.
  2. Extending the shelf life of products: By creating an airtight barrier that protects foods from oxidation, aromas and moisture, we can help extend the shelf life and preservation of products. We are also able to reduce food spoilage and waste.
  3. Convenient, daily easy-to-use packaging solutions: These packaging solutions keep foods fresh, allowing consumers to repeatedly enjoy the product. The foods can also be stored and transported without worrying about spillage or smells. Lidded plastic containers can be washed and reused to store other products once the original contents have been consumed, such as leftovers, chopped up vegetables, make up and even children toys, wax crayons, jewellery, among other smaller objects. There is always a use for small packaging solutions.
  4. A bespoke packaging solution You can customise lidded plastic containers and apply a series of different printing techniques to create standout packaging designs and cement consumer loyalty.


At SP GROUP, our research team is continuously looking to create innovative, sustainable lidded plastic containers that meet the most stringent consumer and manufacturing food safety requirements, while offering an attractive design. We offer a full suite of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, including a high-barrier material, R-CLOSING HB EFFICIENT.

R-CLOSING HB EFFICIENT is a flexible resealable film that is characterised for having a smaller environmental footprint, since it is chloride-free and ultra-thin. In fact, the triple complex only measures 75 microns.

R-CLOSING HB EFFICIENT can be used as a lid for RPET RESILIENT-based trays. It is a great packaging solution if you are in the market for a low-barrier solution for products, such as sliced cheese and cold meats. The lid fits easily and smoothly onto the tray, offering consumers a unique tactile experience, while ensuring all around freshness, regardless of how many times the packaging is opened and reclosed.

You don’t need to sacrifice your brand image with our packaging solutions. Make your brand stand out on a transparent, white or metallic finish.

R-CLOSING PE is a resistant, watertight material with a high aroma barrier, which locks in freshness for repeated enjoyment. It is most often used to make lids because it can be resealed many times. R-CLOSING PE is also available with a high barrier.

Visit our website to learn more about our range of lidded plastic containers ­– we’ve got a packaging solution for you.

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