Stand-up pouches: the perfect summer solution

May 28, 2021

Food consumption habits change with the arrival of summertime. People pack their meals and eat out more during the summer. Consumers are thus on the lookout for transportable, reusable and practical packaging solutions that meet the needs of summertime living. 

Read on to discover why Doypack packaging solutions are the ultimate summer solution. 


Stand-up pouches are easily identifiable by their round base which provides stability and allows for personalized solutions, such as spouts, caps, zippers and special die cuts, among other options. 

This packaging solution can hold liquid, solid, ground and power products thanks to the material’s high-barrier properties which guarantee optimal conservation. At SP Group, we offer two types of bases:

  • Round bottom: the round shape offers fantastic capacity and stability. 
  • K-seal bottom: similar to the round bottom, but it offers more stability for taller pouches. It also offers a double format option where two pouches are sealed together on one end, and which is equipped with a pre-cut, making it easy to separate into two.

These solutions are made from flexible laminates which are used in solutions for special thermal treatments, such as pasteurisation, retort processing and microwaving, or which require high barriers or have to withstand hot filling, among many others. 


Stand-up pouches have transformed the packaging sector. While these solutions were initially used to hold sauces and liquids, and baby food, they are now used to not only to store food, but also cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Here is a list of some of their key advantages:

  • Optimum use and flexibility: this type of packaging solution is made from flexible plastic which makes it highly manageable. You can also introduce more product without making the packaging bigger thanks to the inner gusset.
  • Easy to transport: stand-up pouches are highly flexible which makes them easy to transport. They are the ideal packaging solution for high-in-demand, on-the-go products during the summer. 
  • Customisable: this 360° solution allows you to print on the entire surface and with all four printing techniques: rotogravure, flexographic and digital.
  • Excellent preservation: notwithstanding their high-barrier characteristics, you can also count on their resealable feature to preserve products longer. Caps, zippers and Velcro fasteners offer consumers extended product life without reducing the properties of the contents. 
  • Highly visible: their vertical design makes them stand out on supermarket shelves.
  • Cost savings: this light and compact film solution provides awesome cost savings during transport and the manufacturing process because the film itself constitutes the packaging and requires no additional labelling.
  • Environmentally friendly: the reduced weight during transport reduces the carbon footprint. You save on materials and processes since you can introduce more in less space – a definite plus from a sustainability point of view. 


Stand-up pouches, especially those with zippers and Velcro fasteners, can be given a second life. You can store products bought in bulk or even other products, such as medication and cosmetics when travelling, making them a perfect reusable product during the summertime. 

We offer several different types of closure systems, including:

  • Zippers: best for granular, cleaning and hygienic products, powders, including small food and non-food items.
  • Velcro press-lock: this higher-grade fastener is even more effective than zippers and is best suited for higher-value products. This simple and innovate solution has a great point-of-sale presence and helps secure a good positioning. It is best for granular products and powders and is 100% food safe.

To learn more about the endless possibilities Doypack packaging solutions offer, visit our webpage or contact us. We will help you find what you need.

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