How to improve your cosmetics sales with digital printing

September 1, 2022

There are many brands operating in the cosmetics sector, which makes it highly competitive. When demand is so high, it is essential to stand out from the competition and create links with consumers. Marketing strategies have several tools at their disposition which can help achieve this goal, one of them being packaging. According to many experts, 80% of purchasing decisions are emotional, and these reactions are often evoked by the visual component of the packaging. One of the techniques used to achieve this reaction in consumers is digital printing. In this SP Group article, we are going to explain how the process works and how you can use it in your business.


Spain has become an international leader in exports, ranking among the top 10 exporters of beauty products and positioning itself at number 2 in perfumery, according to sector data. In a market with such great potential, it is essential to take care of every last detail to ensure you connect with your target market.  One of the most important details, which can make the most difference, is the product’s packaging. In this respect, there is one option that stands out above all the rest: digital printing.

Digital printing in the packaging industry consists of printing a digital file directly onto the packaging. This process doesn’t only offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of production, but it also ensures there is almost no limit to the look you can give a product; it can be adapted to do exactly what you desire for your brand.




The main advantages of digital printing include customisation. This is a strategy that will make your product attractive and garner customer loyalty. Thanks to digital printing, you can give buyers an experience that will encourage them to form a connection with your brand.

At the same time, another of the aspects to highlight is the productivity and efficiency of the process. By using digital printing technology, you can print shorter runs that adapt to the real needs of your company.

This, in turn, leads to another advantage: greater savings through better cost control.

It also hugely increases the traceability of the product, making the supply chain much more efficient, as digital printing allows each print run to be customised with variable data that means each product can be traced. Using the Track and Trace system, the product can be quickly located at any point of the production and sales chain. This is done by using specific markers that can be easily printed with the digital printing technique.

This traceability will also increase safety for the brand and users, as the technique is compatible with serialisation. This consists of marking and registering each product individually, to guarantee its authenticity and prove it has passed all the brand’s quality controls.

It is also important to highlight that digital printing is a sustainable printing method. If you are looking to reduce your product’s environmental impact and reach a higher degree of sustainability with the customisation of your packaging, this technology will meet your needs. Digital printing can be used with compostable materials, as the ink used is 100% compostable.


Digital printing can be used with any packaging or product. Furhermore, the customisation options that comes with this technology can be used on any object, from mobile phone cases to trainers. This means you can create special editions, or even samples to test whether your packaging meets the approval of end consumers.

Packaging that uses this technique can even involve consumers in the creation process. As personalisation can be used on any type of packaging, a great marketing strategy is to let customers themselves choose the packaging design. This has already been used by some brands with great success.


From food products for humans and pets to cosmetics, there is no niche in the market that can’t benefit from digital printing. Use it to increase sales, stand out from the competition and create a loyal customer base in a unique and original way.

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