Glucose gels for cyclists: how to pack and store them correctly

September 1, 2022

Glucose gels are increasingly used by both professionals and amateur cyclists. In this article from SP Group we are going to take a look at the key aspects of this product and show you the best way to preserve it.

Cycling is a sport that garners more and more followers every day. Not only has the number of cycling-related events increased but, as various bicycle brand’s profits show, the number of people who cycle has grown in recent years. As such, supplements used in this sport are becoming increasingly common, including glucose gel for cyclists. The formula of this product has improved a lot over time, making it commonplace to see many cyclists consume energy gel before going for a ride or participating in a sporting event.


Energy gels for cyclists are refined carbohydrate concentrates, designed to provide sugar in small quantities. Their main purpose is to provide energy and prepare the body for great physical effort. Likewise, another of its qualities is that its absorption into the bloodstream occurs very quickly after it’s taken.

When we do sport at moderate intensity for more than an hour, the body begins to burn fat reserves, releasing the energy from them slowly. It is in this process where we find the greatest benefit of the energy gel for cyclists, that of providing an extra source of energy necessary to maintain and increase muscle power.

That is why its use has spread among professional and amateur cyclists alike. On any ride more than an hour long, the gel manages to increase performance, speed, power and stamina. However, being such a specific product with such specific characteristics, it also has very specific storage needs.


packaging gel ciclistas


Among the physical properties of the energy gel for cyclists we find that it has a texture similar to that of honey. Which is to say we are dealing with a creamy or semi-liquid product. It comes in several different flavours too and taking advantage of this by creating customisable packaging is a great idea.

Regarding its storage, athletes usually prefer to drink it cold or at room temperature. At home, it is a product that is often kept in the fridge, so it must be resistant to cold.

On the other hand, most bike rides usually take place on sunny days, so the gel container must also be a good insulator against heat and be able to maintain a cool temperature as much as possible.

Likewise, more vigorous rides can cause poor quality containers to deteriorate or even break. For this reason, the container must be very robust and resistant to tears and punctures, providing the best possible protection for the gel.

Finally, let’s not forget that the gel for cyclists may be consumed on the go. As such, one of the aspects that should be emphasised in its packaging is its ease of use, and there are several important considerations to take into account.

To begin with, the container must have an easy-to-use spout system that allows riders to consume the gel without having to stop. In addition, it must be sturdy, but also flexible, to be able to squeeze it and have the gel come out through the spout. The idea is to be able to make good use of the entire product, which is why mouldable packaging is one of the best options.


As we can see, there are many aspects to bear in mind when storing the energy gel for cyclists. Having a great product that is poorly packaged can lead consumers to opt for the competition for greater convenience and greater guarantees of preservation.

However, at SP Group we have the key to glucose gel preservation: PE HB ECO. To begin with, this material is fully recyclable, meeting the EU criteria for increasing the recyclability of packaging.

What’s more, the product has high barrier properties and can be subjected to thermal treatments, such as pasteurisation or hot filling. Said filling, in addition, can be carried out both vertically and horizontally, making the production process easier.

It is also worth noting the transparency of this material, which increases the amount of customisation options. For example, one option could be to include a measurement system so that consumers can ration the product.

To round off its qualities, PE HB ECO is very light. The packaging is easy to handle and manage, and it preserves all the properties of the product, making it perfect for gel for cyclists.

If you have any questions after reading this article about glucose gel for cyclists, SP Group we will be happy to help: you can contact us here.

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