Cosmetics packaging: The keys to success

March 16, 2022

There are several challenges when it comes to designing and manufacturing cosmetics packaging: not only does the packaging have to preserve the qualities of the product, it has to communicate with the consumer in a variety of ways.

The perfume and hygiene sector is highly competitive. Figures from Stanpa (Spanish National Association for Perfumery and Cosmetics) reveal that the cosmetics sector in Spain represents more than 8 billion euros annually (data from 2019).

In addition to products consumed in the national market (around 1.5 billion units), Spain exports some 900 million units, ranking the country in the top 10 exporters of beauty products and perfumes.

Each person in Spain uses an average of 7 to 9 such products daily and most of these cosmetics come from small and medium sized businesses (84% of businesses in the sector in Spain are SMEs). Ensuring that their products stand out, seduce customers, induce them to purchase and create loyalty is a huge challenge. A significant part of this battle is fought in the packaging arena.

Cosmetics packaging: The ECO Factor

The use of reusable materials for cosmetics products enables a second use of the original packaging and this may be of benefit to the consumer as well as reducing waste.

With a bit of imagination on the part of the consumer, packaging with a lid or cap can be given new life. And if items such as these can be refilled at lower cost than the original purchase, it makes them all the more attractive.

The cosmetics industry must prioritise the use of recycled and recyclable materials and this should be clearly communicated on the packaging itself and widely publicised. At SP Group, we select materials that align with our ambitious sustainability commitment:

  • PE HB ECO: this recyclable material can replace other non-recyclable structures with the same high barrier properties. It is also transparent – a highly attractive feature for cosmetics packaging.
  • PE ECO: this 100% mono-material polyethylene complex is recyclable and can also substitute other materials. And, it is transparent.
cosmetics packaging

Both materials have been formulated in accordance with European Commission regulations on packaging recyclability and now form part of our ECO range of packaging materials that help us meet our environmental commitment.

Cosmetics packaging: Trends to follow

In the cosmetics sector, the right choice of packaging can mean cost savings, better visibility on the shelves and better branding. To achieve this, companies must keep in step with current trends.

This is a sector where more traditional packaging formulas (such as glass jars) stand alongside flexible packaging such as stand-up pouches with caps. It’s not enough to communicate the benefits of the product – if companies want consumers to open their wallets, the packaging must also be captivating.

Functionality, costs and ergonomics must be carefully controlled while the packaging itself should be put to marketing use (made possible with any of our printing systems):

  • Using QR codes to allow consumers to find out more about the product or brand from their smartphone. This is one of many examples of smart packaging.
  • Providing information about the brand’s social media presence.
  • Creating augmented reality filters for social media apps that encourage consumers to examine the product in stores. These should be publicised and communicated via appropriate initiatives.
  • Opting for an attractive design based on the brand features and the messages that the brand wants to send the consumer.
  • Personalising written messages to grab online customers’ attention or to celebrate a specific time of year or a particular promotion.

When it comes to saving on transport costs, flexible packaging will continue to win, particularly as the design makes products just as attractive as traditional formats.

In short, cosmetics packaging is being revolutionised. Developments in this sector are supporting the environmental objectives demanded by consumers and forging new emotional connections thanks to innovative marketing and design.

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