The advantages of digital printing: an excellent marketing tool

November 10, 2021

The advantages of digital printing are far more wide-ranging than you might imagine. Let’s take a look at how this printing system has revolutionised the packaging industry and why it is one of the best marketing tools available today.



The main advantage of this printing system is how it actually works, as no plates are needed. The design is simply printed directly onto the film or packaging with a digital printer. This makes it infinitely easier to change design. The whole process is much quicker and short runs are easily manageable, which opens up the customisation options immensely.

This design-change versatility  is what makes digital printing such a powerful marketing tool, when used as part of a strategic vision.


The versatility of digital printing means a wide range of sectors can benefit from the savings it provides in terms of time, effort and costs.

In the FMCG sector, digital printing can be a great marketing tool for a wide variety of products. As long as the packaging can be printed with this system the results will be excellent.


Marketing tools are most powerful when used precisely at the right moment. With digital printing, the ease with which a new design can be switched in and out in a short space of time means brands can adapt their packaging for special dates or seasonal events.

A special message or decoration on sweet products for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, or on sauce packaging when summer is approaching (with recipes on the back, for example), grabs customers attention and creates an emotional pull linked to the time of year.

Changes can also be made to test designs and, when coupled with smart packaging techniques, they can invite consumers to vote or give their opinion on new designs or logos through a scannable code or hashtag.

Thanks to the advantages of digital printing, you can ask customers to vote directly on different options on the shelves and involve them in choosing a winner – the marketing possibilities are endless. You can even change calls to action at will.

digital printing


So, what about campaigns directed at a very specific section of a group of customers? Small runs can be printed for a reduced number of people (people who buy through a particular channel, such as Instagram or an email campaign, for example).

You can also print runs for specific geographical regions to boost sales in areas with heavy competition or reward areas where there is considerable brand loyalty.

To sum up, digital printing has many advantages, and they are all related to the ability to quickly switch back and forth between one design, or message, and another. However, the advantages of digital printing also influence corporate branding and communication, going far beyond planned actions to increase sales and convince wavering customers.

advantages of digital printing


You want to update your brand and make sure it resonates with your target market, so what values do you need to transmit? Whether you want to reflect environmental awareness, demonstrate inclusivity, or reach younger generations, it is all so much simpler with digital printing.

In the past, doing all this with labels or different packaging formats was expensive and time consuming, requiring a whole host of marketing actions to ensure the change didn’t plunge your product into anonymity. Today, with all the digital means available (both printing and information channels), communication is so much easier. Plan it right and your messages and designs will be on the shelves and in people’s homes in no time.SP Group is here to guide you in your choice of packaging solution or packaging material, and we are proud to be able to offer digital printing along with other more traditional options such as rotogravure and flexography. Please contact us for more information.

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