BIOTERMIC project. ‘Research and experimental development of new, high-temperature resistant, recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging, adapted for the meat industry’.

Consortium of companies: NUREL, MONTESANO and SP GROUP. IDI-20200654.

Within the framework of this project, SP GROUP will research and develop new flexible and rigid packaging, and packaging for vacuum-packing, made of recyclable monomaterials and biodegradable film. These packaging materials will have to meet high standards, such as maximum transparency, strong seals, good tightness, good mechanical properties and low gas permeability, as well as fully withstand the temperatures reached in the different heat treatments used by MONTESANO. SP GROUP will design and manufacture the new recyclable or compostable structures, guaranteeing the physical integrity of the packaging and its optimal performance before and after the packaging process. The aim is to find recyclable or compostable solutions, which comply with the 2030 European Strategy on Plastics, for packing companies that use heat treatments above 100ºC, and that will preserve sterilised products (up to 121ºC). For the compostable materials, our aim is to comply with the OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL, HOME and MARINE standards, which provide greater added value.