Today there are innumerable packaging formats on the shelves to meet the wide range of consumer demands. For us, however, there is one product that stands out above all the rest, the stand-up pouch. As well as being one of the most sought after types of packaging in Europe, it stands apart due to the advantages it represents for the 21st-century consumer model:

  • Its stand-up format makes it easy to use, transport and store at home.
  • Good visibility and printing of highly attractive artwork.
  • It is highly personalisable, and its closures, caps, perforations, etc. allow the product to be used for extended periods, as well as making it easier to handle and consumed on-the-go.

There are also many benefits for you:

  • The format is highly visible on the shelves because it stands up.
  • You can cut transport costs, thanks to its reduced weight and volume in comparison to non-plastic materials. This positively impacts your carbon footprint, especially in terms of transport.
  • It is a 360° format, you can print on the entire surface, using all four printing techniques: rotogravure, flexography, offset and digital.

We offer many years experience in manufacturing of a complete range of preformed bags and pouches that adapt to any need. Whatever the product you need to package, we have the solution for you. Check it out.

Within our stand-up range, there are two types of bases:

Doypack parabolic bottom: This pouch is characterised by its semi-circular, or parabolic, bottom (hence the name). It has good capacity and is very stable.

K-type bottom: In high demand by the English-speaking market, it is similar to the one above, but is more stable for taller pouches. Within this option, there is also the possibility of a double format, in other words, two pouches sealed down one side and with a pre-cut that allows it to be separated easily.

Another format that also stands up, but is a different shape, is the pouch with side pleats: The side pleats provide the pouch with a greater capacity, and the weight of the product itself means it stands up on the supermarket shelf. This type of pouch is commonly used for packaging pet food and coffee, among other things.

And, lastly, flat pouches or 3-weld pouches, are very common for vacuum packing and for frozen products, among others things, which do not need to be in vertical position on a distributor’s shelf.

Would you be interested in any of these formats? Contact your area representative to find out more or ask for a sample.


At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
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