Have you ever wondered how our business is structured and which departments are involved in making your projects a reality? We thought you might like a little insight into the workings of SP GROUP.

Kicking off with our Internal sales and customer service department, this is probably the area you are most familiar with as it is present in all the group’s manufacturing plants in Spain and France, with its main function being to support both the sales network and you, our clients.

This department represents the link between our clients’ specifications and the communication with the rest of the company. It is essential for ensuring our work is correctly executed, as it coordinates every step, from entering the job details into the system, to the manufacture and delivery of the product. It also helps ensure the rest of the departments involved have all the information they need to correctly carry out the jobs, such as designs, types of printing, formats, etc.

The number of people who work in this department is proportional to the volume of work of each factory, that way we are able to give support and service to our clients in the most effective way possible.

It is important the members of this department speak several languages, as the international nature of SP Group means our sales department has to be able to communicate effectively with all our clients and provide them with the best possible customer service.

You will surely have repeated contact with them, but now you have a better idea of their role.

Thank you colleagues for all your hard work at SP GROUP!