In order to meet the preservation, sustainability and food-safety requirements of the current food-packaging sector, it is important to be prepared and understand the many advantages of research-backed innovation and technology. While trends confirm a significant increase in e-commerce in the food sector, SP GROUP has detected the following needs among manufacturers:

– Packaging that is suitable for both traditional and online channels. For example, stand up pouches are ideal because they are versatile, visually very attractive, and narrower than other types of packaging – a great advantage when it comes to transport and storage. This type of packaging also minimises the risk of breakage when compared to other materials.

– Packaging that adapts to the online channel specifically to reduce storage costs and space while preserving the quality of the packaging. One of our main concerns is ensuring packaging is strong enough to withstand transport conditions well.  For this reason, we have introduced a new material for web bases: APET RESILIENT, a laminate that is very resistant to impact in both machine and distribution, thereby minimising possible deformation caused by its handling. If you are also looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, SP GROUP’s TRAY2TRAY project for companies provides many advantages and benefits; it is a new way of efficiently managing excess packaging material and reconverting it into a second generation or secondary raw material that can be used to make new trays or a different type of packaging.

– Short runs of customised and versatile packaging that allow your product to stand out on the shelf and on online platforms for specific promotions or campaigns. In the case of flexible film, it allows joint runs for promotions, as well as using almost 100% of the packaging for the artwork, a determining factor as regards high-impact advertising. By combining it with the new Digital printing techniques, the packaging itself becomes a very powerful marketing tool that will ensure your product is quickly identified, well positioned and stands out from the competition.

In all cases, the aim is to make the consumer’s experience unique, to provide the optimum packaging for products, as regards mechanical and preservation properties, and ensure the packaging is ideal for multi-channel production, taking into account the many rigid and flexible options that are also now more sustainable.