CONMACON. Application of a controlled atmosphere to the ageing and bulk storage of meat.

Consortium of companies: SEÑORÍO DE MONTANERA, OVISO, ABELLÓ LINDE and SP GROUP. IDI-20151006.

The main objective of this research and development project is to develop new technology solutions designed to increase the shelf life of carcasses and cuts of meat (large pieces) through the application of controlled atmospheres to bulk meat products in plastic chambers that age and preserve meat products (Iberian pork and lamb) individually for use overseas (principally Japan and the Middle East).

In order to achieve the different objectives of the participating companies, SP GROUP is developing many different varieties of plastic chambers with specific devices for each preservation process, based on variables of time, temperature, logistics, handling, etc.

The companies are working with Abelló Linde to optimise the shelf life of each product, and then improve the current processes of ageing and preserving meat.


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